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The most significant factor to gain access to the internet is physical access to Broadband. However, what happens, in reality, is that broadband is delivered through vivid technologies and each technology type, typically determines the range of speeds that your computer receives. Apart from this, there are several other factors that are responsible to affect the Broadband Internet speed test of your connection. And all these factors affect the speed of the activities like accessing information, uploading and downloading files, receiving and sending e-mails, etc.

We have been hearing a lot about internet speed test, what is good internet speed, etc. There are many online internet speed test tools where you can check the same. Charter Speed Test is the best one among those providing you the most accurate results of Broadband Internet speed test. But, checking the internet speed is ok, but is that enough? What if, you have a poor internet connection? How do you know that what is good internet speed for you? Or what is a good download or upload speed? And if you have not been much into the technical terms, do you even know what is internet speed actually? And the factors determining it, In this article we will know what is broadband internet speed test all about?

What is Internet speed?

The speed through which the content or data travels from across the World Wide Web to your device i.e. smartphone, computer system, tablet, laptop etc. is referred to as the internet speed. This speed is measured in Mbps i.e. megabits per second. 1024 Kilobits make up one Megabits i.e. this conversion means that the speed 1.0 Mbps is about more than 1000 times faster than the speed of 1Kbps. High-speed internet connection often referred to as the Broadband or the connection with brad bandwidth is defined by the minimum upload speed of about 200 Kbps and download speed of about 768 Kbps.

Broadband Internet connection is usually provided by telephone companies, cable operators or high internet service providers. Broadband Internet is considered to be among the fastest Internet options available across the nation today. This high-speed Internet connection type makes use of multiple data channels for sending large quantities of information from and to the several Internet users.

Internet Speed Connection determines Quality:

You must have experienced delays in streaming videos, watching movies, etc. and obviously this sometimes leads to a frustrating situation. The internet speed plays a role here because it is the speed of your connection that is largely responsible for the quality of audio you listen to and the videos you watch. The delays or buffering or other interferences make it the worst experience.

Possibly the worst among these is when you experience the buffering. Buffering simply signifies that your internet connection is simply unable to handle the speed at which your computer screen is being delivered the video. Thus, it collects data at times before continuing the playback. It’s functioning is very similar to the way a printer collects the data sent from the computer for printing.

Based upon the kind of application one uses, it is the speed of your connection that actually determines that if it is possible to effectively run the specific application. You surely can’t enjoy a movie in case it stops playing after every few minutes. Thus, how faster should be your connection in order to perform a particular task and run a specific program? There are two different factors to be considered.

Bandwidth Vs. Speed:

There are numerous factors to be considered while you measure your internet speed. We are often confused with the term ‘bandwidth’ that what actually it is. Well, the size of the conduit in which the data travels is referred to as the Bandwidth and the rate at which the data travels is known as speed.

Using this definition one can instantly see that if the bandwidth is larger then it would allow more and more data to travel that would, in turn, increase the rate at which the data travels and hence the internet speed. But this nowhere means that one’s broadband connection would be exactly as the bandwidth because bandwidth simply refers to the pipe size where the data travels.

To illustrate it through an example: Suppose that you are transferring a file at the speed of about 128 Kbps per second. Now when you start transferring the same then it would compete for the bandwidth and lower your speed. And if you add another 128 Kbps ISDN line to increase your bandwidth then not only your first file would start traveling at about 128 Kbps but also the other world and that too without compromising with the speed.

Broadband Providers and the Advertised Speeds:

For many reasons the broadband internet providers advertise the internet speeds they offer in ranges and not in exact figures. This further becomes difficult to determine how fast a particular connection could be.

For these reasons, broadband providers advertise speeds in ranges, not guaranteed numbers. This makes it difficult to estimate specifically how fast a specific connection will be. Since the internet providers know very well that they can only offer specific speed that possibly handles a particular amount of data. They aren’t aware of the fact that when would this data travel or what demands would be placed onto the network. Thus they offer internet speeds that lie within a certain range instead of promising the exact value of the internet speed that would be nearly impossible to maintain.

For Example, The broadband internet providers may have connection packages with speed range (download/upload) as 75Mbps/35 Mbps, 50Mbps/25Mbps, 15Mbps/5Mbps or even more. If you choose any of these plans, then your connection speed must be within this range and shouldn’t be less than the maximum speed they have listed. Such as, one cannot have speeds greater than 15Mbps i.e. megabits per second with a bandwidth of about 15 Mbps. Most of the service providers seem to offer up to certain speeds. In such cases, this “up to” speed refers to the bandwidth implying the actual speed experienced by you would be much lower.

Upload Vs. Download Speed:

Apart from the direction of the data transfer essentially there is no significant difference between downloading and uploading the data. The faster will be your internet speed the better would be your download and upload capabilities.

Download and upload speeds can be easily measured while they are symmetrical. In simpler terms, this signifies that both upload and download speeds are equal. In most of the cases, it is the download speeds that the internet providers emphasize upon but the upload speeds are also important to consider. This is absolutely important if your business is dependent on uploading larger data size to the cloud-based services.

Download speeds, in general, are much higher than the upload speeds. The main reason behind this is that most of the internet users preferably retrieve data from the internet instead of transmitting the data. And if you are one of the users who upload information or data files onto the internet then you should opt for internet plans that offer higher upload speeds. Many internet providers easily offer larger upload speeds by decreasing the download speed while the broadband internet plan remains the same.

Megabits and Gigabits:

If you wish to know everything about internet speed and also have a clear understanding of the internet speed check results, you should be aware of every fractional term associated with it. Let us now discuss what are Megabits and Gigabits. Well, it is obvious from the written speed that these are the measurement units used typically for calculating the internet speeds.

The tiniest unit of digital data is known as a bit. Then comes byte, which is equal to eight bits and then 1000 bytes make a kilobyte. This was the highest speed level experienced long ago and the dial-up connections were never more than 56kbps.

Broadband internet speed test is generally calculated in megabits per second. 1000 kilobits make a megabit and it is commonly represented as Mbps or Mb. Speed requirement is increasing at a faster rate, as gigabit speed or Gbps is gradually becoming the newer standard for the institutional use as well as the significant economic development.

What Technology is best?

Now, since you are aware of what internet speed is? And what internet speed you require to perform your task or run applications without obstruction, you can easily decide what broadband technology would be able to deliver such speeds. Broadband, as defined, is a high-speed internet connection that is possible all the time. On the other hand, the Dial-up access to the internet needs a modem in order to initiate the internet connection of about 56 Kbps.

The FCC or Federal Communications Commission(FCC) has increased the minimum speed of the broadband internet to 1Mbps upstream and 4Mbps downstream. Now, this is the newer minimum standard for the broadband internet connection. However, this is insufficient for several applications like speed needed by Netflix for streaming of the videos.

The FCC has set a new goal in the National Broadband plan associated with the broadband internet speed test with the primary goal being to connect around 100 million people with 100Mbps speed by the end of the year 2020.

Broadband Technology and Speeds

Broadband Technology Download Speed Range Connection
Dial-up Up to 56kbps Phone Line
DSL 768 Kbps – 6 Mbps Phone Line
Satellite 400 Kbps – 2 Mbps Wireless Satellite
3G 50 Kbps – 1.5 Mbps Wireless
Cable Modem 1 Mbps – 1 Gbps Coaxial Cable
WiMax up to 128 Mbps Wireless
Fiber up to 1 Gbps Fiber optics
4G / LTE up to 12 Mbps Mobile Wireless


How can you Test Your Internet Speed?

The speed of your connection might differ from the one advertised by your Internet service providers. But the question is how would you know this or how would you check the Broadband Internet speed of the internet connection? Charter speed tests offer you with the testing platform and tips to assist you in checking whether you are getting the actual speed or not for, which you have been paying for. It’s extremely easy to use and provides you with relatively accurate results within a minute.

In case you find that your connection is too slow and does not serve up to the standards you expected it to, then immediately call your internet service provider and inquire about the same. Beside this one should keep in mind that the equipment used is also one of the major factors that play a role. If the speed of your router is slow or computer is slow, it automatically affects the speed of your Broadband internet speed connection.

Charter speed tests are the best place to check your Broadband Internet speed test online and are absolutely free and prompt at its service.