Download Speed Test

Whether you are a gamer, Netflix user, or anyone who works from home too, then the WiFi or internet speed test is something very important to the person. You must be often thinking that what could be your good internet speed? What internet speed is required for Netflix to watch things uninterruptedly? Or what could be a good internet speed to stream videos, work for home, enjoy music, etc. then you are probably concerned with the download speed. 

Here are we introducing you with everything about it like what is download speed? How to fix the issues related to slow download speeds? And Factors affecting the download speed along with other associated terms. Check out everything about the download speeds that you need to know here!. Let us first see what is download speed?  

What is download speed?

The downloads speed is something that determines how quickly one can bring the data from one server to oneself. Most of the internet connections have been designed to download the data much quicker than what they upload. As most of the online activities like watching videos or loading the web pages involve downloading activities, and this makes the download speed of greater importance.

Usually, the download speed is much greater than the upload speed for general consumers. This definitely makes sense because consumers often tend to download a large piece of information as compared to what they upload. The activities like scrolling through the Instagram feeds, Streaming videos or music, reading a blog post, or even listening to music online do not require any uploads post-initiation. Such type of internet usage applications is not interactive instead these are all passive applications.

What is a good download speed?

Ideally, what can be assumed to be a good download speed? Well, to get the answer to this question one should know about how he/she is using the internet? Here are the guidelines that will help you to identify a good download speed for several online activities as good download speed differs based upon the way one uses the internet.

When do the download speeds, matter?

The download activities make a fair usage of larger download bandwidth in comparison to the upload speeds of the following activities:

  • Streaming movie or Netflix
  • Online shopping
  • Scrolling social media websites
  • Streaming YouTube videos
  • Activities associated with business
  • Streaming music services
  • Reading online and much more

As the domestic connections comprise of faster download speed and slow upload speed, therefore, people do not upload huge video files or they usually do not opt for video conferencing from home because this online activity needs both the speeds to be equally good. 

The fiber internet connections, however, are known to be an exception. These internet providers usually offer symmetrical speeds which means the same download and upload speeds.

Factors Affecting download Speeds

A variety of factors have a significant impact on your download speed and a few of these can be resolved by ourselves while others are not in the user’s control. 

In case you tend to constantly experience slow download speeds then you may opt for research and then try the process to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. But before we begin let us first have a look at the factors that affect the download speeds.

Connection Bandwidth

The bandwidth is a vital factor of an internet connection and plays a significant role in affecting the download speeds. Many home networks tend to be asymmetric i.e. the various ISPs provide varied download, as well as upload speed like cable internet connections, offers download speed up to 3Mbps and upload speed of around 600 kbps. 

Total Bandwidth Consumption

The entire consumption of the bandwidth available for one’s internet connection which makes usage of the shared application, as well as software inclusive of the downloads as well as uploads, may slow down the download speed because of the consumption of large bandwidth. 

These activities might involve the uploading of large data files, VoIP telephonic service, video conferencing, etc. This may cause slow download speed for those using the same network or for those performing number of simultaneous functions.

If you wish to download a file quickly, pause or close the other activities that involve internet usage till the time downloading task gets completed. 

Internet Service Provider

Many of the internet service providers in their internet connection plan claim to offer greater download as well as upload speeds. But, this barely comes to be true while we speak of the internet connection speed. 

The ISPs mostly offer lesser speed in actuality than the one they make a promise for. Therefore, in case slow download speed is experienced in your internet connection then please reach out to your Internet Service Providers tell them to verify the internet connection speed at their end or check if there is such issue then ask them to look after the same.

Troubleshooting the slow Download Speeds

In case your download speeds are slower than the one expected then there might be an issue with an individual’s internet service connection.

Just visit to perform an internet speed test and verify the download speed of your internet connection. 

In general, your internet connection must deliver an upload speed of at least 6-10 Mbps in order to make sure that almost every online activity functions smoothly.

Troubleshooting methods to deal with the issues of slow download speed:

  • Check your Internet Connection Service
  • Use Ethernet cable instead of the wireless connection
  • Get the Java version updated and also restart your computer sometimes
  • The internet users accessing the site from the office settings might witness that the IT department has blocked their internet connection to hightail and that possibly would decrease the download speed. In such case, you shall consult your IT department.
  • Use different computer or browser 


We as internet users continuously watch movies, Netflix, videos,s, etc. the need for faster download speed dynamically increases. Possessing a faster download speed is quite important in order to perform the tasks like accessing or downloading huge data files in business, engaging oneself in video conferences, using VoIP phone service, and even others.

Slow download speeds might be due to multiple reasons but it is majorly affected by the internet connection plan of the user, usage traffic, and also the computer. In case you witness that your download consumes much time then you can use any of the above-mentioned methods to improve your internet connection’s download speeds.