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Want to check your Internet speed? Landed at the right place! Here in this post, we are going to share with you all about Internet Speed Test Our Internet speed test tool will estimate your internet speed.

Mainly we are focusing on one of the best ever internet speed test tool for calculating Internet speed test in this informative article. Let me break the suspense! We are sharing a detailed guide to Internet Speed Test in this post !! The Internet is one of the most beautiful inventions that is invented ever. Our Internet speed test tells you about most accurate internet speed test.

Its evolution makes our life pretty much easier. Am I right? Lemme take your little bit time ?? There is not a single thing which you can’t get on the web/internet. By sitting in a corner of your room you have to power to know whats happening in all over the world just because of the Internet.

But here comes the most interesting part, You need a good internet connection Internet Service to enjoy this power. Now the question arises from where you came to know whether you are using a high-speed internet or low-speed internet or what is a good internet speed?

We are here to solve all your questions just be patient.

I know you guys are eagerly waiting for the answer. So our lovely readers here is the answer – Internet Speed Test tool. All you have to do is just to run the internet speed test on your net connection speed. We will discuss in more details about this tool in further para. Keep reading this post??

Internet Speed Test

As we are sharing a detailed guide to Internet speed test tool we suggest you take a coffee and sit back relaxing on your table!

Have you ever imagined your life without the Internet? It’s just like a body without a heart! Wow, My examples are really amazing. Hehe… Jokes apart. Internet speed test is one of the major parts of internet Industry.

Let me proceed further in this post!

In old days, No one is focusing on internet speed as technology is not much evolved at that time. But in present time Internet speed is a major concern. All of us want a good internet connection to survive in their day to day life. Whenever you are going to purchase a new internet connection the very first thing which you request to the internet service provider is to give you a high-speed internet connection in your WiFi Router.

The main problem is that there is not a single guide to wifi speed test of the internet. So we as a part of this techno-digital world decided to design one of the best tools to test internet speed.

And the result is in front of you. We have come up with a best tool i.e Internet Speed Tests tool.

[ps2id id=’sec-1′ target=”/]Internet Speed Test is awarded best high-speed internet speed test tool. If you are searching for how to test internet speed or bandwidth test then you can use the Best Internet Speed Test free tool then you are redirected to the right page. On the top of the page, we have added one internet speedometer i.e Internet Speed Test Interface which helps you to calculate the speed of your internet connection speed test in few seconds.

Internet connection speed is mainly divided into two parts. First one is a high-speed internet connection and the other one is a low-speed internet connection. The best part is that these categories of the internet are produced by customers only. By the passing of time, More and more industry came up with the feature of superfast internet speed. These speed levels are nowadays popularly known as 4G or 5G internet speed.

How to test your internet speed? Test My Speed instantly, Just scroll up this page and hit the run Internet Speed Test Button.

That’s all! You will get your internet connection speed full detailed result on your screen. Voila! Enjoy this amazing internet speed measuring tool. Must share your experience with this Internet Speed Test in the comment section!

I know there are tons of internet speed test online tool available in the market for checking the internet speed. But most of them are premium i.e you have to pay the good amount of money to experience that tool, we are providing you here free internet speed test with our tool. Not only tools, there are millions of application available on play store or Apps Store which claims that they are the best internet speed test tool.

Honestly speaking, before writing this post I have used different apps related to internet speed test free. The sad part is that there is not even a check internet speed single app which gives you the perfect report of your web speed.

Among all tools available on the web, internet speed test tool is best just because of its amazing and unique features. Want to know the reason behind this? Scroll down the page a bit!

Internet Speed Test – A brief overview

Here comes the main part of this post. Most of the guys still have questions related to Internet speed test but no worries readers after reading this post all your queries will be resolved. internet speed test free tool which provides you with the feature to test your internet speed. The best part is that it takes only a few seconds of your life for speed test internet.

Also, it is the only freemium tool available on the web which gives us with a detailed piece of the internet speed report. Eager to know what are the detailed part? we will discuss this topic after an overview of Internet Speed Test tool. checking internet speed with our speed test tool gives you an overall idea of your internet service providers speed.

High-speed internet test tool is derived from Nationwide Speed Test. This tool is mainly evolved by a US-based Internet Service Provider and reborn by us. This speed test tool is available for everyone on our site. Everyone has the freedom to use this tool irrespective of location and IP. You can easily test your internet speed from any corner of the world just you need to have a working internet connection.

If you are a social media freak then you must know the importance of good Internet Connection. Have you ever stuck in a situation when you are scrolling Instagram and some of your feeds photos are not loading due to the poor internet connection? Really very irritating situation!.

Here is the solution for this. All you have to do is just to run the internet speed test tool on your current network. After that you have to do nothing, just watch your results and according to the result you can change your internet connection as per your requirement.

I think’s that enough for an overview of checking internet speed! Now it’s time to cover some other important topics related to internet speed tool ..!!

How does Internet Speed Test Measure Speed of Internet?

Internet speedtest tool basically works on two main things i.e upload and download speed. so many people ask what is good internet speed. First of all, let me clarify that you have to just tap the start button to run the test on your Internet speed.

When you tap the run button then after few seconds, you will be provided with a full report of your Internet speed. These results are generated on the basis of your uploading and downloading speed, ping test, jitter test. All your report data is based on your uploading and downloading time.

What are these Upload and Download Speed?

I know most of are aware of these terms but let me clarify for those who are not aware of these. If you already have knowledge about them it’s better to skip this para and scroll down to know other details about Internet Speed Test.

UPLOAD SPEED: Upload speed comes into existence when you are uploading any data from one server to another. Let me explain it technically!

When you want to transfer a file from one folder to another then there is a speed of data transfer. That data transferring speed is termed as Upload speed. Wait, Here is one of the easiest examples!!

Whenever you are trying to upload a video on YouTube from your channel then there is a speed % bar shown in the bottom.

That is the speed which tells you about the rate of your data transfer. I think now you understand the concept of upload speed.

DOWNLOAD SPEED: Download speed is totally opposite of upload speed. Download speed comes into when we are trying to retrieve some types of file from another server side. I have also one best example of this speed.

Have you ever tried to download any songs from the site? At the time of downloading songs, you will be provided with a speed meter on one side. This gives you the downloading speed.

NOTE: Both download and upload speed are given international standards unit for measurement. They are usually measured in kilobytes per second (kBps) or kilobits per second (kbps).

Internet Speed Test tool working is based on ookla speed test operating system. Its user interface is very awesome and unique.

After your run test complete, It will show you a full mathematical calculated report. In this report, you will get your speed in Mbps ( Megabyte per second ).

Features of Internet Speed Test Tool

The most accurate speed test and speed test online tool are loaded with tons of amazing features which makes this tool the best tool in the market to test internet speed. This is the speed test without flash or java. We have collected a list of features for all of you !!

Read out aloud some of its amazing features below :

Freemium Tool: You Can easily run Internet Speed Test on any network connection without paying a single penny. This tool is totally free and available for everyone in this world.

Easy to use: It is very easy to use this speed test. You have to just tap the “start the test” button and you will get your net speed results within few seconds.

User Interface: Loaded with the very simple user interface which makes its functioning super simple. Everything is clearly depicted in the interface.

Super fast Speed: This speed test will not take more than 30 seconds to give your proper detailed report. This internet speed test is very fast like superfast bullet trains in Japan. Now you can predict its speed!

Accurate: This test left you with accurate data on the result which makes it easier for anyone to make changes according to it. This test provides you with the unbiased result at the end of the test.

Responsive: the Best feature is that this internet speed test is very responsive i.e you can easily run the test either on speed test mobile or speed test pc.

How to Test Your Internet Speed with Internet Speed Test?

It is very simple to run the speed test internet on your net connection. Just for our reader’s sake, we have added step by step guide on this topic. Read below-mentioned steps carefully :

  1. First of all, Move to the header part of this page.
  2. Now you will saw an interface having different options available.
  3. You have to Just Tap the “start test button” on that page.
  4. That’s all! You are done with the test.
  5. Wait for few seconds for the Internet speed test report.
  6. Voila! Your results will be shown on your window screen.
  7. Check out the reports to judge your Network Connection speed.
  8. Enjoy ☺️

FAQ Related To Internet Speed Test

I know many of you guys still have few doubts regarding this internet speed test tool. Read our Frequently Related Questions about Internet Speed Test and all Yours doubts will be solved.

Still Confused! Must go through our FAQ of Internet Speed Test to clear all your questions. Our team has tried to add all important and common questions related to this speed test. Here are few questions!

Q1. Does this Speed test Give accurate result?

Ans: Yes! You will get 100% accurate result from this test. Irrespective of internet service providers you will be provided with unbiased reports. You can check

Q2. What are the important terms which internet test tool results based on?

Ans: Here are the important terms which you will get to know in your speed test result: Download speed, Upload Speed, Ping test, jitters test.

Q3. What is the functioning of the working of internet speed test?

Ans: Basically this question means to say that How does the internet speed test tool work? I have already provided a detailed paragraph on above question. It’s a request to all to please read the above para.

Q4. Do you have to pay some amount to run the test?

Ans: Answer to this question is big no. it’s an Internet Speed Test for free tool, You don’t have to pay any amount to run the test on your pc/laptop/mobile/smartphones. It’s a full premium type available for all our members.

Q5. What is the motive of this speed test tool?

Ans: Main motive of this speed test tool is to provide the customer with the proper detailed guide on their net connection speed so that one can move on to other Internet Service Provider (ISPs).

Q6.What are other tools to test my internet speed?
Ans: List of free internet speed test sites, updated every month. An internet speed test, broadband speed test or DSL speed test, tests your available bandwidth. Test your internet speed with these free sites : speed test google, Charter speed test, Comcast speed test, Time warner speed test, Netflix speed test, Fast speed test, Broadband speed test, DSL speed test, AT&T speed test, gigabit speed test, speakeasy speed test, xfinity speed test, wifi speed test, verizon speed test, centurylink speed test, twc speed test, spectrum speed test, frontier speed test, cox speed test, brighthouse speed test, time warner cable speed test, google fiber speed test, fios speed test, cable speed test, windstream speed test, cnet speed test, rcn speed test, bright house speed test, ookla speed test, Cox Internet Speed Test, Frontier internet speed test, Optimum speed test, speed,

Q7. What is a good internet speed?
Ans: Well, it’s a relative question. It depends on your needs. If we talk about a good internet speed for casual web surfing and email checking, 5-10 Mbps is enough but if you want an internet connection to stream high-quality videos and to run a lot of application at the same time, 40-50 Mbps would be considered as good internet speed for you.

The following stats explain what internet speed is required for various devices and various tasks.
For cellphone users
2-4 Mbps: Good for casual web surfing and email checking.
5-12 Mbps: Good for High-quality video streaming and using the online application.
For desktop and laptop users
5-12 Mbps: For Casual web surfing and email checking
50-60 Mbps: For High-quality video streaming and running online applications at the same time.

Q8. What is a good download and upload speed?
Ans: Again it’s a relative question. Most home users download much more data than they upload hence they need higher download speed and lower upload speed. In case of commercial T1 connection where you upload much more data than what you download, you may need higher upload and lower download speed. Take a look at the following stats.

Good Download Speed: if we talk about casual web surfing and email checking, 5-12 Mbps is considered to be a good download speed. In case of high-quality video streaming and gaming, you should consider a minimum of 50 Mbps download speed.

Good Upload Speed: as stated above, generally we download much more data than we upload. So, you don’t a higher upload speed for you home network. 5-7 seven Mbps would be considered as a good upload speed for every home network whether it is for high-quality video streaming or casual web surfing.

In case of commercial connections, sometimes we need higher upload speed than download speed.

Q9. What is a good internet speed for streaming?
Ans: It depends on the type of video streaming. In case of high quality and 4k video streaming, you need higher i.e. 50-60 Mbps speed but in case of low quality and standard video and audio streaming, 10-20 Mbps would be considered as a good internet speed for streaming. The following stats explain what internet speed would be considered as a good internet speed for streaming.
10-15 Mbps: SD quality and lower quality video and audio streaming
25-40 Mbps: High definition video streaming
50-60 Mbps: Ultra HD and 4k video streaming

Q10. How do I check my wireless speed?
Ans: If you want to know the actual speed of your wireless connection, you’ve landed at the right place. Charter speed test is the perfect place to check your wireless speed. Charter speed test provides you an interactive tool to test the internet speed.

All you need to do is visit and click the white start button bordered with the dark blue rectangle at the top of the page. Once you click the start button, our speed test tool begins testing your internet speed and gives you the accurate results for download speed, upload speed, ping, and jitter.

Q11.What would be a fast download speed?
Ans: 70-100 Mbps download speed would be considered as fast download speed. The best way to achieve fast download speed is to use optical fiber connection. Fiber optic internet has beaten the competition. You can achieve up to 100 Mbps internet speed using optical fiber connection.

Q12.What is a good internet speed in Mbps?
Ans: It’s a dependable question. A good internet speed depends on your needs of the internet. If you’re using internet for casual web surfing and emails checking, an internet speed of 5-12 Mbps would be considered as good internet speed.

In case you’re using internet for high definition and 4k video streaming and online gaming, you should consider an internet speed of at least 50-60 Mbps.

Q13.What is a good internet speed for Netflix?
Ans: Below is the internet speed recommendations for playing TV shows and movies via Netflix. The following stats explain the speed as per Netflix recommendations.
5-8 Mbps: For SD quality (standard quality) streaming
10-20 Mbps: for High definition video streaming
40-50 Mbps: for ultra HD 4k video streaming

Q14.What is a good internet speed for gaming?
Ans: There are three aspects of your internet connection that affect your online gaming experience i.e. download speed, upload speed, and ping rate. Internet speed requirement for online gaming depends on your gaming system.

Each gaming system has its own requirements. Generally, 20-25 Mbps of download speed, 10 Mbps of upload speed, and ping rate less than 100ms is considered as a good internet speed for gaming.

Q15.What is a good internet upload speed?
Ans: An upload speed is the amount of data you can upload in a given second. A good internet upload speed depends on your needs. On a home network, we download much more data than what we upload hence we need lower upload speed for home networks.

In case of commercial T1 connection where we upload much more data than we download, we need higher upload speed than download. An upload speed of 5-10 Mbps would be considered as a good upload speed for the home network while in case of commercial connection, an upload speed of 50-60 Mbps would be considered as a good internet upload speed.

Q16.What is a good internet download speed?
Ans: A download speed is the amount of data you can download in a given second. A download speed of 50-60 Mbps is considered as a good download speed in home networks. Most users download much more data than they upload therefore service providers offer higher download and lower upload speed.

Q17.What internet speed do I need for gaming?
Ans: It depends on the gaming system you are using. Generally, a download speed of 20-25 Mbps, an upload speed of 8-10 Mbps, and a ping rate under 100ms is considered as a good internet speed for online gaming. These are the three aspects (download speed, upload speed, and ping rate) that affect your online gaming experience.

Q18.What is a good ping speed?
Ans: In a computer network, ping refers to the ability of a computer to connect to another computer. Ping test measures the connection status between two computers. In general, a ping speed of less than 50ms is considered as a really good ping speed while 50ms to 100ms is considered as an average ping speed.

How to Test Your Internet Speed