Jitter Speed Test


While performing activities online, you might have come across certain problems, and generally, it is found that your internet connection offers poor sound quality. This issue then becomes of higher importance when VoIP i.e. Voice over Internet Protocol is taken into consideration because, in order to sell such kinds of services, the greater sound quality becomes one’s unique selling point.

Below, we have precisely stated what is jitter, what causes jitter while making use of the internet connection or in case of transferring or sending large data files over a computer network. (This might be inclusive of online gaming, network communications, etc.) Further, we have also provided information on the effects of jitter and how can the jitter issues be fixed?

What is Jitter?

The congestion that results from the competition amongst the millions of internet connections at the same time is termed as Jitter. To be more specific jitter is caused at that particular time when tiny packets of information are likely to use the same IP network.   

Jitter in technical terms is identified as the variability in time over the latency throughout the network. Thus, latency, in particular, is the measure of the delay in time caused between the response generated and the user request made. Obviously, it is well known that since each packet can travel a different route and yet is capable to reach the same destination while causing jitter and thus we shall know why high jitter could be an issue?

What causes Jitter?

Few words during a VoIP call may get jumbled as some packets may consume longer time to travel to their destinations in comparison to the others and this causes jitter. This is the practical result found for the cause of jitter. Such situations create difficulties in understanding the calls as higher jitter affects the sound quality of the telephonic calls.

Let us see an example to get through this:

Let us take two computers i.e. Computer 1 and Computer 2 where both of these communicate with each other and therefore, transfer of data packets occurs amongst them. These data packets travel over a healthy network in equal time intervals. This permits the computer to process the data received. In case if these time intervals get disrupted in any way then this might lead to the occurrence of jitter.

Therefore, if the measure of latency over the normal connection is 10ms then it would increase to 50ms with jitter. This, further makes it very challenging for the receiving computer for processing the data.

Effects of Jitter

Jitter occurrence over your network connection inhibits your smooth functioning and results in the problems such as packet loss and network congestion. 

Network Congestion is quite similar to the traffic jam you often come across on the highway where cars are unable to move ahead at the desirable speed the only distinguishing factor is that here all the packets come together at a junction in the same time and allow nothing to load, hence disrupting the internet speed.

Packet Loss relates to information loss. This generally occurs at the time when packets reach unexpected intervals and in such situations the receiving computer is unable to process the information. 

Packet Loss may lead to problems like:

It causes a negative impact on viewing video i.e. the video gets pixelated and it also starts skipping while the network experiences jitter.

In the case of online gaming, the packet loss due to jitter has the worst of the impacts which might result in the game switching from one scene to the other and also the player sometimes begins skipping over the screen, and hence the player might skip a part of that game.

The jitter might create problems in regard to the submission of the advertising bids in the AdTech i.e. the company might not receive a good bid or due to some reason may miss the opportunity to bid altogether.

High Jitter in case of the VoIP calls over the telephone obstructs the sound quality making it tougher to communicate and understand and the reason for this is a failure of voice data arrival.

How is Jitter Measured?

The measurement of jitter is inclusive of the calculation of average packet-to-packet delay time or in a sequence of online communications, it is simply the variation of the absolute packet delays. This is then done in several ways based on the types of traffic.

Depending upon if you have control over the single endpoint or both Jitter for voice traffic can be measured. Let us have a look at the ways to measure Jitter.

When the network has control over Single Endpoint:

The jitter is measured by calculating the average of the RTT of a series of voice packets and the minimum RTT i.e. round-trip time when your network holds control over just a single endpoint (i.e single-ended). 

When the network has control over Double Endpoint:

When the network has control over double endpoints then the jitter measured is instantaneous jitter i.e. the variation observed in transmission and receiving of a single packet. Jitter here is the average difference between the average instantaneous jitter and the instantaneous jitter during the transmission of the data packet series.

Bandwidth Testing

You can avoid maths and still determine the jitter level being experienced by you simply by performing the bandwidth test.

Charterspeedtests.com comprises an internet speed test tool that has the ability to calculate various factors of your internet connection like as:

  • Download and upload speeds
  • Jitter times
  • Latency

How can you fix the Jitter issues?

The main reason behind the occurrence of jitter is the variation in the average latency duration of the data packets. There are multiple ways to overcome jitter issues and even prevent those. Let’s check them out.

Choose a Powerful Router

It is indeed a challenging task to exactly determine the way the router would handle jitter but yet it is essential to make sure that you conduct proper research before you go ahead with buying a router. Check the reviews about the router you are planning to purchase, its performance, and also have a look at the specification as well as complaints if any associated to the networking issues. Make sure that the bandwidth capacity is greater enough to handle the traffic of household usage.

 There are several low-quality routers there, in particular, those packed with home internet service plans. Thus, ensure that you have done thorough research prior to buying a low-quality router.

Use Ethernet Cable to connect to the network

Usage of a wireless connection for normal use is quite easy but while we speak of online gaming it is not at all enough. A number of sources may cause interference and most of these are the interference that comes from a large number of sources and many of them are simply out of control. This, in turn, might result in packet loss, higher latency, and jitter. 

But it gives you a better experience consistently when you are directly connected over the Ethernet cable to your router. Even if your PC lies in a different room, it is always advisable to connect those through Ethernet cable for the best experience.

Using High-Speed Internet Connection

Usage of the high-speed internet connection may also help in fixing the jitter issues. Slow internet connection speeds are also expected to cause the jitter especially when other people are also sharing the bandwidth.

Even if you consider the fiber internet connection type to be the best one amongst all, simply opting for higher bandwidth or switching the ISP i.e. internet service provider might create a difference in the user experience of your internet connection. 

Fixing Jitter issues with Haste

Haste utilizes multiple data paths, private fiber-optic links, and custom network infrastructure in order to decrease the latency and provide network stability along with fixing the jitter issues. Haste also makes use of the custom protocols routes from PC to the game server, proprietary route optimization algorithms as well as the most stable and fastest route available.


Are you experiencing regular jitter in your PC games? Then you need not simply examine your upload, download speeds or your ping and then leave it without taking any measure! As per your setup, the related jitter problem becomes easier to find out and fix the same. 

Check the capacity of your router and thus prefer to buy a model which is upgraded and in order to ensure high performance, you shall connect your PC to the network via ethernet cable and ensure that you experience a reliable as well as high-speed internet

Making use of the software combination on your PC, custom routing protocols, and network infrastructure and Haste can eventually lead to route gaming so that you experience much more trusted as well as responsive internet connection which reduces jitter and improves network stability.